"Always be ready to speak your mind, and a base man will avoid you." – William Blake (1757-1827) from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell


Modern Definitions is a project dedicated to building and serving the movement for enlightenment in the current era. We are open to all fields of human scientific enquiry and their associated disciplines.

Paving the way for enlightenment in the modern era means actively combating and defeating obscurantism in all its forms. We take up this cause, not as a vainglorious or self-serving exercise but, as something that represents the only viable path to creating a world based on peace, prosperity and the well-being of all.

This website draws its inspiration from the life and work of Hardial Bains, to whom it is also dedicated. It was he who instigated the project for modern enlightenment. In doing so he articulated the line of advance that guides the path upon which we are marching:
Vague notions about what existed in the past; fiery essays against the 'enemy'; the incessant inciting of passions against all one disagrees with – none of the above can be considered a modern way of doing things. However, this is not where controversy either begins or ends.

We look forward, with confidence, to the day, not to far away, when all that progressive humanity strives for, will achieve fruition.

Hardial Bains (1939-1997)

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